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Programs and Projects

Since its inception in 1985, The Groundwater Foundation has offered a variety of programs and projects for youth, individuals, and communities to learn more about groundwater and how they can help protect it.

Youth Programs and Projects

  • Help groundwater come alive for students in your classroom! The Groundwater Foundation's tools, activity ideas, and other resources will help you integrate groundwater into your curriculum in fun hands-on, brains-on ways.

  • The Groundwater Foundation has developed groundwater science events for Science Olympiad competitions.

  • A series of patches for all levels of Girls Scouts are available to help girls understand groundwater and how they can take action to protect it.

  • Search our online resource library of nearly 70 fun, hands-on educational activities, including activity guides, curriculum, how-to videos, and more. Search by age, duration, key topic, and category.

Community Programs

  • The Groundwater Guardian program recognizes communities of all types for local groundwater education and protection activities, and provides tools, resources, and motivation.

  • Green Sites recognizes green spaces, like golf courses, parks, educational and business campuses, and more, for implementing groundwater-friendly practices as part of site maintenance.

  • Facilitated by The Groundwater Foundation, the Network brings together the various agencies and organizations helping communities develop and implement a Wellhead Protection Plan in Nebraska.

General Programs

  • A fun, free water-tracking app for Apple and Android devices. Track direct water usage, learn how to use less water, and see your monthly water usage.

  • For iOS devices, this free app challenges users to test their groundwater knowledge.

  • Held every other year, the National Conference brings together constituents, partners, and the general public to learn and share groundwater education and protection experiences.

  • The Groundwater Catalog offers a variety of fun products and guides to help educators and communities educate others about groundwater.


  • The Groundwater Foundation's quarterly newsletter, The Aquifer delivers current groundwater news, Foundation happenings, program and project information, and more.

  • This bi-monthly e-newsletter features quick blasts of information, including water news, Groundwater Foundation news, ways to make an impact, and more.

  • Weekly groundwater-related content from Groundwater Foundation staff, board members, partners, and others. Find action ideas, current event discussion, and more.

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