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Protect Your Groundwater Day on September 6 is Opportunity to Learn and Take Action


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LINCOLN, NEBRASKA (September 1, 2016) – Groundwater is one of the nation’s most valuable, yet underappreciated, natural resources. It’s hidden in the cracks and crevices beneath the earth’s surface. Because we can’t see it, groundwater is often misunderstood, and people don’t always realize the impacts their actions have on it.

This Tuesday, September 6 is Protect Your Groundwater Day, and the perfect time to learn more about groundwater and take action to protect it.

“We all rely on groundwater in some way each and every day,” said Groundwater Foundation President Jane Griffin. “It’s up to all of us to be part of the solution to keep groundwater safe, now and for future generations.” The Groundwater Foundation is a nonprofit organization based in Lincoln, Nebraska that educates people about groundwater and inspires action to protect it.

About half of the U.S. population drinks groundwater. In rural areas, it’s almost 99%. Groundwater helps grow the food on your table, is an important component in industrial and manufacturing processes for products that we use every day, and is vital to the health of our environment.

On Protect Your Groundwater Day, The Groundwater Foundation urges you to:

  • Learn more about groundwater. Get started by visiting Share what you learn with others – present groundwater activities at the local school, extracurricular activity, or community event; talk with your friends and neighbors about how they can help protect groundwater.
  • Find out about local groundwater protection initiatives, and consider getting your community involved in the Groundwater Guardian program as a way to promote local groundwater stewardship (
  • Use, store, and dispose of chemicals properly.
  • Conserve water inside your home and out – limit showers to five minutes, only wash full loads in the dish and clothes washers, install low-flow fixtures and water-efficient appliances, only water your yard when necessary and water during the coolest parts of the day, install a rain barrel to collect rainwater for landscapes. Get help by tracking your daily water use with the 30by30 mobile app (
  • If you have a private well, have the water tested at least once a year by a certified laboratory. Keep any potential contamination sources away from the wellhead, and inspect the wellhead regularly to check the conditions of the well covering, casing, and cap.
  • Think about how you use groundwater every day, and appreciate its value.

Visit to learn more about this precious resource and get additional ideas and resources to help educate others and protect groundwater in your community. To find out more about Protect Your Groundwater Day, sponsored by the National Ground Water Association, please visit


The Groundwater Foundation is a nonprofit organization based in Lincoln, Nebraska with a mission to educate people and inspire action to ensure sustainable, clean groundwater for future generations. Since its inception in 1985, the Foundation has offered various educational programming to help youth and adults understand groundwater’s role in their lives and how they can help protect it. To learn more, visit

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