Groundwater: A Hidden Resource for All


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LINCOLN, NE (March 4, 2013) – Here is a statistic to ponder: approximately 85 percent of Nebraskans receive their drinking water from groundwater. It’s with that stat in mind that The Groundwater Foundation celebrates National Groundwater Awareness Week (March 10-16, 2013) and continues with its mission to educate and inspire everyone to ensure groundwater is available for future generations.

Groundwater is the water that fills the cracks and crevices of rocks and sands beneath the Earth’s surface and supplies a majority of us with our drinking water on a daily basis. The United States uses 79.6 billion gallons per day of fresh groundwater for public supply, private supply, irrigation, livestock, manufacturing, mining, thermoelectric power, and other purposes, according to the National Ground Water Association.

Learn more: Download the Groundwater Foundation’s new app – Water1der for Apple devices. Through a fun, educational format, the game challenges players in their knowledge of groundwater basics, pollution prevention, conservation, irrigation, the water cycle, aquifers, recycling, watersheds, water use and wells. Players “spin” a wheel to choose a category and play their way through a variety of questions and activities and then see their final score. Find out more or download it at

Act now: There are many things that everyone can do starting today to ensure this clean supply of water will be there into the distant future. Take action by:

  • Taking short showers instead of baths
  • Running full loads of dishes and laundry
  • Decreasing or eliminating fertilizer and pesticide usage
  • Watering outside only when necessary
  • Checking for leaky faucets and repairing them
  • Disposing of chemicals properly by taking them to recycling centers
  • Teaching others about ways to protect and preserve water

It’s a great time to start doing your part now with National Groundwater Awareness Week just around the corner! For more information about The Groundwater Foundation, how to become a member, or any of its programs, call 1-800-858-4844 or visit Visit our Facebook page to let us know what you do! Also be sure to visit the National Ground Water Association at


The Groundwater Foundation is a non-profit organization based in Lincoln, Nebraska with a mission to educate people and inspire action to ensure sustainable, clean groundwater for future generations. Since its inception in 1985, the Foundation has offered various educational programs for youth and adults. To learn more, visit

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