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The History of The Groundwater Foundation

The Groundwater Foundation began in 1985 in Lincoln, Nebraska. Founded by Susan Seacrest, the Foundation developed innovative programs, projects, tools, and resources to educate people about groundwater and take action to protect it. Over 30 years later, the Groundwater Foundation remains committed to helping people understand and protect groundwater.

In 2018, the Groundwater Foundation merged with the National Ground Water Association's Foundation for Groundwater, establishing the foremost Foundation dedicated to advancing groundwater knowledge through education, community outreach, and professional development. 

  • by Susan S. Seacrest President Emeritus and Founder of The Groundwater Foundation
    It is often said that the greatest gift is good health. I did not fully appreciate the extent of this truth until my infant son, Logan, became ill. Happily, he recovered fully after four long years of serious digestive difficulties. During his frequent hospitalizations, I came to understand that the health of our families is the basis on which we build our lives. Therefore, at the time of Logan’s recovery I congratulated myself on the fact that I was providing a healthy environment for my children by raising them in Nebraska where abundant fresh air and water were a fact of life!

  • by Cindy Kreifels, Executive Vice President of The Groundwater Foundation
    Once upon a time, a young mother named Susan Seacrest learned about elevated nitrate levels in the Platte River Valley of Nebraska. Concerned, she began educating herself about the issue. After learning from University of Nebraska Medical Center epidemiologist, Dr. Dennis Weisenberger, that in his opinion no real progress could be made until citizens became educated and involved, she sprung into action. This little idea, combined with nudging from Dr. Weisenberger, was the catalyst that sparked this young mother’s love of education into a national nonprofit organization that has been educating and motivating citizens to care about groundwater for more than 20 years. This was the little idea that grew and grew and grew.

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