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Past McEllhiney Lecturers — 2010-2019

Past Lecturers: 2020s2000s

2019 — Gary Hix, RG, CWD/PI

"Drilling Markets Change — So Must We" or "Drilling Disasters and What We Can Learn"

2018 — Todd Halihan, Ph.D., P.GP

"Electrical Hydrogeology: A Picture is Worth 1000 Wells" or "The Future of Water Data: Data or Instincts?"

2017 — Michael Schnieders, PG, PH-GW

“Defining the Operational Age of a Well: Predicting Maintenance Issues in Advance of Failure” and “Redefining Life Expectations of New Wells Through an Analysis of Past Failures”

2016 — Peter S. Cartwright, PE

“Groundwater Contaminants and Treatment Options”

2015 — Ronald B. Peterson

“Drilling Fluids: A Common Sense Approach”

2014 — Carlos E. Molano, PE

"Groundwater Spreadsheets: Efficient and Practical Resource for Solving Simple and Complex Flow, Pollution, and Environmental Problems"

2013 — John Jansen, Ph.D., PG, RGp

"Keeping the Pump Primed: Aquifer Sustainability"

2012 — Marvin F. Glotfelty, RG

"Life-Cycle Economic Analysis of Water Wells — Considerations for Design and Construction"

2011 — Tom Christopherson

"The Nebraska Grout Task Force Research: Unexpected Results — New Solutions"

2010 — Mike H. Mehmert

"You Drill a Hole — You Develop a Well"

Past Lecturers: 2020s2000s

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