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2019 McEllhiney Lecture

Gary Hix, RG, CWD/PI

Gary Hix, RG, CWD/PI, has and continues to wear many hats in the groundwater industry in his nearly 40 years as a member of NGWA. He is a former licensed water well drilling contractor and a registered geologist in addition to being an entrepreneur. Hix has been active in the Arizona Water Well Association, of which he is also a past president, and an Arizona certified real estate instructor teaching recognized continuing education classes about groundwater law and private wells to real estate agents and appraisers.

His membership history with NGWA includes attending Groundwater Fly-Ins, Outdoor Action events, attending and presenting workshops at Groundwater Week, and serving as a contributing editor to Water Well Journal®. He has also taught classes for the Bureau of Land Management and the University of Arizona Cooperative Extension Service.

Though he considers himself semi-retired, Hix continues to share his knowledge through the publication of articles, as well as publishing an e-book on Domestic Water Wells in Arizona, A Guide for Realtors and Mortgage Lenders.

Hix Will Offer a Choice of the Following Two Lectures at Participating Venues:

“Drilling Markets Change - So Must We”

Economic conditions and technology changes spur changes in any market. The water well construction/drilling arenas are not immune from these external changes. We must all develop a broader awareness of market changes and, more importantly, adapt to them. We need to know how we can best approach constantly changing conditions and structure our business operations and management practices to ensure profitability.

"Drilling Disasters and What We Can Learn"

Anyone who has worked on a drill site, or had responsibility for one, will immediately recall at least one drilling disaster. Depending on personal reference, “disaster” can span any meaning from installing incorrect materials at a job site to failing to recognize a situation that inflicted injury on someone. Regardless of the scope, each of these experiences presents an opportunity to learn, avoid similar distress in the future, and contribute to our business profitability and good will.

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