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2021 McEllhiney Lecture

Kevin McGinnis

Kevin McGinnis is president of Cotey Chemical Corp. and has worked in the water well remediation industry for 27 years. He’s presented workshops in the United States for state and national organizations. Additionally, he’s worked on water well rehabilitation projects in Central America, the Far East, and several states of the Middle East, and has delivered technical papers to Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Agriculture and Water and the Philippine Water Works Association.

McGinnis has been on the board of the American Groundwater Trust for 10 years, serving as chair for three years, and has been a member of NGWA and the Texas Ground Water Association-High Plains chapter for 25 years. As a member of his local Rotary Club for 25 years, McGinnis was involved in drilling water wells in rural areas of Mexico and delivering medical supplies and equipment to underserved areas in South America.

Having graduated from Texas Tech University in 1984 with a degree in business administration, McGinnis began his career in the groundwater industry when he started working at Cotey Chemical Corp. for his father-in-law Ken James in 1993, eventually purchasing the company in 1995 when James retired. Cotey Chemical, founded in Lubbock, Texas, in 1949, designs and manufactures products to rehabilitate and develop all types of water wells.

“The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly: Innovative Treatment Options for Established and Emerging Water Quality Challenges”

This presentation will address both new and established processes for drinking water treatment that will enable well drillers, hydrologists, water system operators and managers, and other stakeholders to work their way through the maze of water quality uncertainty.

The physical, chemical, biological, and economic aspects of this issue impact just about every person in the United States and throughout the world, so groundwater professionals must tackle this issue. We will need to work our way through the complexities of changing regulatory requirements, new scientific developments, and financial concerns from wellhead to tap, to a commonsense approach.

The request period to host the 2021 McEllhiney Lecture is now open! Click here to access the request form, which needs to be filled out and submitted by August 25, 2020 to be considered to host the William A. McEllhiney Distinguished Lecture Series in 2021.

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