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Past Darcy Lecturers - 2000-2009

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2009 — Peter Cook, Ph.D.

"Environmental Tracers in Modern Hydrogeology: Reducing Uncertainty in Groundwater Flow Estimation"

2008 — Michael Celia, Ph.D.

"Geological Storage as a Carbon Mitigation Option"

2007 — James J. Butler Jr., Ph.D.

"Getting the Information Ground Water Modelers Need: A Report from the Field" and "What the Heck Is a Phreatophyte? A Field Investigation of Ecohydrologic Processes in Stream-Aquifer Systems"

2006 — Eileen Poeter, Ph.D.

"All Models Are Wrong: How Do We Know Which Are Useful?"

2005 — Kip Solomon, Ph.D.

"Inert Gas Tracers in Ground Water"

2004 — Allen M. Shapiro, Ph.D.

"Recent Advances in Characterizing Ground Water Flow and Chemical Transport in Fractured Rock: From Cores to Kilometers"

2003 — Richelle Allen-King, Ph.D.

"A Hydrogeochemist's Perspective on Organic Contaminant Transport in Ground Water" and "Ground and Surface Water Contributions to Chemical Mass Discharge: Considering the Problem at Field and Basin Scales"

2002 — David Hyndman, Ph.D.

"Efficient Large-Scale Bioremediation in a Heterogeneous Aquifer: The Schoolcraft Bioaugmentation Experiment"

2001 — Mary C. Hill, Ph.D.

"Guidelines for Effective Model Calibration (Any Model!)"

2000 — M. James Hendry, Ph.D.

"Transport and Geochemical Controls on Solutes in Clay Aquitards"

Past Lecturers: 2010s | 1990s | 1980s

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