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Past Darcy Lecturers - 1990-1999

Past Lecturers: 2010s | 2000s | 1980s

1999 — Scott Tyler, Ph.D.

"Ground Water Recharge in Arid Regions: Questions About Today and the Past"

1998 — Barbara Sherwood-Lollar, Ph.D.

"Stable Carbon Isotopes: Tools for Direction of the Origin and Fate of the Environmental Contaminants"

1997 — Philip C. Bennett, Ph.D.

"Water, Microbes, and Rocks: The Geochemical Ecology of Contaminated Ground Water"

1996 — Linda Abriola, Ph.D.

"Organic Liquid Contaminant Entrapment and Persistence in the Subsurface: Interphase Mass Transfer Limitations and Implications for Remediation"

1995 — Paul Hsieh, Ph.D.

"A Multidisciplinary, Multiscale Investigation of Fluid Flow and Solute Transport in Fractured Crystalline Rocks: Finds from the Mirror Lake Site, New Hampshire"

1994 — Edward Sudicky, Ph.D.

"Contaminant Migration in Complex-Structure Porous and Fractured-Porous Geologic Media: A Simulation Perspective"

1993 — Mary Jo Baedecker, Ph.D.

"The Fate of Organic Compounds and Geochemical Processes in Contaminated Aquifers"

1992 — John Wilson, Ph.D.

"Visualization of Ground Water Flow and Transport Through a Microscope"

1991 — Stephen Wheatcraft, Ph.D.

"Fractal Approaches to Modeling Geologic Variability in Aquifers"

1990 — Ralph C. Heath, Ph.D.

"Hydrogeology and Hazardous Waste Disposal"

Past Lecturers: 2010s | 2000s | 1980s

  • Reed Maxwell, Ph.D.
    "Hydrology from the Bottom Up: How Groundwater Shapes the Water Cycle"
    "Hydrology in the Supercomputing Age: How Computational Advances Have Revolutionized Our Field, And What Big Data and Massively Parallel Simulations Mean for the Future of Hydrologic Discovery"
    "Killer Beetles, Naked Trees, and Dirty Water: Understanding Hydrology and Water Quality Impacts from the Mountain Pine Beetle Infestation in the Rocky Mountain West"

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