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During the month of May, make your gift as part of Give to Lincoln Day. All donations made as part of Give to Lincoln Day will be bigger, as each gift helps The Groundwater Foundation earn a portion of a $450,000 challenge match fund. Give now (donations must be made through this link to count towards the match)

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I heard about the Groundwater Foundation from NGWA.
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  • A Donation of $25...
    A Donation of $25...

    ...can provide an Awesome Aquifer groundwater modeling kit to a classroom, which allow students to learn in a hands-on way how groundwater moves and can become contaminated.

  • A Donation of $50...
    A Donation of $50...

    ...can help guide a green space manager to adopt groundwater-friendly turf management practices on their site, improving water quality and benefiting the environment.

  • A Donation of $250...
    A Donation of $250...

    ...provides support, motivation, resources, and recognition to communities of all types working to educate people about groundwater and protect local drinking water supplies.

  • All Gifts...
    All Gifts...

    ...benefit The Groundwater Foundation's programs and projects that provide tools, knowledge, and inspiration to help protect and conserve our precious groundwater supplies.

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