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  • A Donation of $25...
    A Donation of $25...

    ...can provide an Awesome Aquifer groundwater modeling kit to a classroom, which allow students to learn in a hands-on way how groundwater moves and can become contaminated.

  • A Donation of $50...
    A Donation of $50...

    ...can help guide a green space manager to adopt groundwater-friendly turf management practices on their site, improving water quality and benefiting the environment.

  • A Donation of $250...
    A Donation of $250...

    ...provides support, motivation, resources, and recognition to communities of all types working to educate people about groundwater and protect local drinking water supplies.

  • All Gifts...
    All Gifts...

    ...benefit The Groundwater Foundation's programs and projects that provide tools, knowledge, and inspiration to help protect and conserve our precious groundwater supplies.

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