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What You Can Do in Your Community

Each community has a different toolkit for success. It's all about finding what works best in your community. Here are some ideas for projects and programs that will help your community protect and conserve groundwater resources! 

  • The Groundwater Guardian program is open to communities of any kind, anywhere and provides support, resources, and recognition for local groundwater protection and education efforts. Find out more and get involved!

  • Here are some great ideas for projects that kids and adults can do in their hometown. The ideas listed here are just to start you thinking; you are encouraged to develop your own!

  • Groundwater is important to all of us. It's the water we drink, it grows the food on our table, and it nourishes our communities. Because we all benefit from groundwater, let’s keep it clean and share the message.

  • The Groundwater Foundation has numerous hands-on educational activities to help children understand groundwater better! These activities are great for groundwater festivals, classrooms, scout troops, or just for fun at home.

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