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Groundwater Guardian Teams

Each Groundwater Guardian should establish a team that represents the larger community and brings together the ideas and resources of different parts of the community. Suggested team representatives include:

  • Citizens

    Interested citizens can offer insight on local priorities and help recruit volunteers and implement activities. Citizens include civic groups, youth groups (Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, after school programs), service organizations, farm groups (4-H, FFA), environmental groups, retirees, parents, church groups, and community clubs.

  • Business and/or Agriculture

    These team members can come from small or large employers, local business owners, local farmers, local ranchers, engineering/environmental consultants, farm/agricultural groups, and local media, and can assist with community recruitment, promotion, and financial support.

  • Education

    A primary focus of a Groundwater Guardian team is often education - as such, it’s important to include an educator on the team. This group includes elementary, middle, or high school teachers, cooperative extension educators, scientific researchers, school administrators (superintendent, principal, school board), school district representatives, education associations, college or university professors, and retired teachers. They can provide expertise in educating the public and in-kind services, such as educational materials and meeting space.

  • Local Government

    Government representatives have experience in planning and working with the public, and can provide feedback about local groundwater concerns to other governing bodies. They can also assist with community recruitment, information gathering, promotion, regulatory compliance, and technical support. These individuals include Mayors, city/town board members, city planners, water department officials, conservation district representatives, and county government officials.

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