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How the Program Works

You, too, can be a Groundwater Guardian!

Concerned about groundwater resources in your community?

Are you looking for ways to promote groundwater awareness that makes a positive difference in attitudes?

How can your volunteer time and effort protect groundwater?

If you have pondered questions such as these and desire to directly impact your community, then you should seriously consider mobilizing like-minded citizens to form a Groundwater Guardian Team.

Forming a Groundwater Guardian Team

Teams may come from service organizations, water systems, civic groups, school districts, industry, recreational facilities, and more, and should represent a spectrum of perspectives — i.e., education, government, stakeholder, business. Recruit your team members — at least four — determine your activity, or activities, to make a difference and then apply.

You and your team members will be recognized for your efforts and your activities will be shared to inspire others to act.

The Groundwater Guardian status is valid for one calendar year beginning on January 1 and ending December 31 of that same year. (Applications submitted at any point after January 1 through December 1 of the subject year are treated as the full subject year.) The application fee for Groundwater Guardians is $100 annually.

Please use this Groundwater Guardian Team First Time Application to submit your application and fee.

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