2017 Groundwater Foundation National Conference

October 2017 | Boise, Idaho

Leading the Way – People, Policies and Practices to Protect and Conserve Groundwater

The 2017 Groundwater Foundation National Conference will provide know-how and inspiration to individuals and municipalities looking for innovative and effective approaches to groundwater management. 

Groundwater plays a significant role in meeting the demand for drinking water, agriculture, and industry.  Threats to groundater, whether related to depletion or contamination, are real, and solutions must be implemented.  The conference will offer insight into applied practices and evolving research which will assist attendees in tackling the pertinent issues they and their community are facing.

Boise is a vibrant city which offers tradition, innovation, natural beauty and all with a keen eye on sustainability.  Our conference will take advantage of many of the great things the city has to offer to provide a fun and meaningful experience for conference attendees.  This includes educational presentations, case-studies, targeted networking sessions, recognition of outstanding efforts, team-building activities, and on-site visits to showcase practical solutions.

The National Conference is attended by water operators, educators, water experts, consultants, engineers, scientists, and concerned citizens.  Many attendees participate in one or more Groundwater Foundation programs, or are members or partners of The Groundwater Foundation. Attendees come from all areas of the country.

How You can Lead the Way
Sponsorships are currently being accepted. As a sponsor of the event you will be leading the way in corporate responsibility.  Your company’s dedication to groundwater sustainability will receive widespread recognition and visibility as a leading sponsor of this event. Find out more.

Check back often for new conference information and updates!

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