Ava's Story

Ava's Story

Once upon a time, preschoolers were learning about groundwater at a Groundwater Foundation education event. Through fun, dirt, and mud, they discovered how groundwater is hidden deep in the ground and learned that even though it's hidden, we all need it for our homes, our plants and animals, and to grow our food. As the kids squirted water into the dirt and watched it trickle down into the ground, I wondered if the message was trickling into their minds as well. Did they get the message about groundwater and how important it is?

The next morning my phone rang with a call from the mother of a preschooler at the summer camp. She tells me how her daughter, Ava, came bursting in the door the night before, proclaiming, "I know a secret, and Mommy, it's an important secret!" With wide eyes, Ava continued, "There is water in the ground, and it is magical!"

This story sticks with me for two reasons: 1. The message did trickle down in Ava's mind, and 2. Because Ava was right on target - groundwater is magical!

by Jane Griffin, Groundwater Foundation President

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