Administrative Fee Information

How Much Is the Fee?

First-time Communities: $100
Renewing Communities (those designated in previous years): $75 ($60 if complete and correct entry paperwork is submitted by the February 15 deadline)

First-time Affiliates: $200
Renewal Affiliates (those designated the previous year): $150 ($125 if complete and correct entry paperwork is submitted by the February 15 deadline)

Administrative fee form

When is the Fee Due?

The fee is due with a team's Annual Entry paperwork (by February 15 for Groundwater Guardians designated in the previous year; new Groundwater Guardians may enter at any time).

What Are the Payment Options?

Teams can pay the fee by cash, check, Visa, or MasterCard. Payment can also be submitted through the Foundation's online shop.

Can the Fee Be Paid with Groundwater Foundation Membership?

Use this form to pay the administrative fee and become a Groundwater Foundation member with one payment. The form should be included with a team’s Annual Entry Form, Team List, and Activity plans. Note: Groundwater Foundation membership dues are tax deductible; the Groundwater Guardian administrative fee is not.

Is There Any Way for Teams to Reduce the Fee?

Renewing teams can reduce the fee by submitting paperwork by the February 15 and August 31 deadlines. In addition, Affiliates can earn a discounted fee rate by recruiting new Groundwater Guardian Communities. For every Community that enters the program and is designated, $25 will be reduced from the Affiliate fee the following program year (i.e. if an Affiliate recruits two new Communities into the program in 2013 and they are designated, the Affiliate’s fee for 2014 will be reduced by $50).

Questions? Concerns?

Feel free to contact The Groundwater Foundation at 1-800-858-4844 or email

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